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The Cornell Angel Capital Club (or CACC) was founded in 2018 following our recognition that the deal flows of Angel Investment Groups are constrained by a shortage of human capital.


There are over 200 Angel Investment Groups in the United States, investing over $20B into over 60,000 startup companies per year.


Angel Investment Groups rely on members to contribute the time and expertise required to manage their investments from sourcing through exit.


Volunteered time and expertise is typically an Angel Investment Group’s scarcest resource, limiting their ability to invest in more companies.

CACC provides Angel Investment Groups with consulting services to assist with analyzing prospects, conducting due diligence, making investment decisions, and managing Portfolio Companies. CACC also provides the Portfolio Companies of our client Angel Investment Groups with consulting services to assist management as they grow their businesses and prepare for subsequent rounds of investment.

We are proud to be the first undergraduate organization to recognize these needs and to provide these important services.

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