Our People


The Cornell Angel Capital Club believes that any Cornell University student of good character that wants to do interesting and challenging work with startups and emerging companies and who can accommodate ten hours of club-related work each week can find a place in the Cornell Angel Capital Club.


Because the members of the Cornell Angel Capital Club believe in the dignity, rights, and value of others, we have high standards with regard to the services that we provide to our clients and by extension, to the communities and people they serve.


The Cornell Angel Capital Club is a society of doers, characterized by energy, excellence, and action brought to bear in furtherance of our Mission and on behalf of the companies and the people we serve.


The members of the Cornell Angel Capital Club work within a hierarchy of equals so that the full force of our combined talents, skills, character, and energy is brought to bear to in support of the companies and people we serve.

Mountain climbing

Some people are mountain climbers—and they live for the exhilaration of the ascent. At the Cornell Angel Capital Club, our work is our mountain climbing. Our projects are our expeditions, and we have an unending supply of things to learn and mountains to climb.

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