Prospective Clients
The Cornell Angel Capital Club was formed to meet Angel Investment Groups’ most pressing need.

“An angel investment group is simply a group (usually between 10 and 150 wealthy individuals) that meets in order to pool knowledge and resources for the purpose of investment in startup companies.” Angel Investment Groups typically rely on members to contribute the time and expertise required to manage deals from sourcing through exit. That volunteered time and expertise is typically an Angel Investment Group’s scarcest resource.”

What We Do

Thorough Research and Analysis

Cornell Angel Capital can assist your Angel Investment Group by providing timely market research and financial analysis in support of deal selection.

Better Deal Selection

Cornell Angel Capital can assist your organization by providing investment recommendations, offering an independent, third-party perspective on prospective transactions.

Efficient Due Diligence

Although Angel Investment Groups typically rely on outside counsel to conduct due diligence and close transactions, the Cornell Angel Capital Club can assist your organization by doing preliminary due diligence, making sure that all the requirements of your due diligence checklist have been met before your chosen counsel starts generating billable hours.

Streamlined Portfolio Management

Post-investment engagement by Angel Investment Groups is vital to the success of their Portfolio Companies. The Cornell Angel Capital Club allows for increased post-investment engagement by working closely with Angel Investment Groups to standardize reporting and to help manage and track Portfolio-Company performance.

Improved Operating Results

Because startup and emerging companies are almost always shorthanded, they invariably have important projects—websites, communications plans, marketing plans, product research, automation plans, and more— that are would improve operating performance. The Cornell Angel Capital Club’s members cover a broad range of disciplines, and we have one of the world’s great academic institutions as a resource. We are here to help Portfolio Companies improve their bottom line and work through their business plans faster.

Faster Exits

Portfolio Companies that work through their business plans and achieve profitability faster, provide faster exits, higher valuations, and more opportunities for their Angel Investment Groups.

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