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Cornell Angel Capital Club

In 2017, angel investors nationwide invested
$23.9 Billion
in 61,560 different companies.
The Cornell Angel Capital Club assists Angel Investment Groups with their important work.

About Us

Don’t Settle For Less

Join The A-Team

The Cornell Angel Capital Club partners exclusively with Angel Investment Groups, organizations composed of successful individuals who invest their personal time and capital in the startup companies that comprise their organization’s portfolio.  The Angel Investment Groups include former CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and CTOs of some of the world’s most influential and recognizable companies.  We’re proud to help them with their investments.

Charge Forward

Get Beyond The Numbers

An in-depth understanding of how businesses are formed, capitalized, operated, and grown is essential to success, no matter what career one may choose. That’s why our members learn how companies are built from the ground up in the most hands-on manner possible, by assisting senior executives of emerging companies as they grow their businesses and prepare for subsequent rounds of investment.

Benefits We Provide

By providing Angel Investment Groups and their Portfolio Companies with a ready supply of multidisciplinary talent, the Cornell Angel Capital Club helps Angel Investment Groups achieve better results throughout the life cycles of their investments.

Our philosophy

Make Your Own Opportunities

As a member of the Cornell Angel Capital Club, you’ll have the chance to be first in line for internships with the Portfolio Companies of our partner Angel Investment Groups. As an alumnus, you’ll have strong relationships with the members of our partner Angel Investment Groups and years of experience working closely with and providing high-quality work to the senior executives of high-growth Portfolio Companies. Growth means job creation. Why would executives look anywhere else to fill these positions?

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